Working on it Wednesday: April 26

I didn’t post a WOIW for last week because, honestly, it would just have been a repeat of the previous week as I had made NO progress at all. I was waiting on my brand new Juki TL-2000 QI to be delivered so I could start machine quilting!

It did arrive and I am now HOOKED on machine quilting! I’m not very good at it yet, but I am having a blast practicing. I love the look of a machine quilted project and hand quilting was always my least-favorite part of the whole process. Now, the machine quilting is my favorite part.

So, here is what I am currently working on and a project I finished.


20170426_120818Lilo snuck into the picture, he always has to be the center of attention.
This is the quilt top progress I have made on my disappearing hourglass quilt. I decided that instead of making a full quilt out of it, I would make it into a wall hanging instead. We need something above our couch so I sized this one to fit perfectly above it. I have a beautiful blue floral border to add, which I am planning on doing this afternoon,  and then I am going to machine quilt it and add a dowel to the back. I ended up having to size the squares down so much that I lost the hourglass shapes between the blocks, which I was super bummed out about. I did learn about cutting blocks and squaring them up, so next time I think I will have a better outcome. Oh well, I still like this one a lot and still plan to use it above our couch!

This is the finished baby boy quilt I had basted last WOIW. I LOVE the finished quilt! I quilted spirals on each pinwheel, double straight lines on each frame, and swirls and loops on the white border. I used the bird backing fabric for the binding and I love how it turned out. I think it really pulls out all of the colors in the pinwheels and really flows the front into the back.

20170426_120956Here is the finished back of the quilt.


I have some more ideas that I want to start, and I, of course, need to make some progress on my baby girl quilt and the heart quilt, but that requires a run to JoAnn’s and I just have not felt like it lately. Hopefully, I will by next Wednesday!


Working On It Wednesday

So I had this great idea that I would do an update each Wednesday to discuss what projects I am currently working on, but this past Wednesday I spent all day working and forgot to post what I was working on and then the same thing happened yesterday, so here I am on Friday finally getting around to getting up my “Working On It Wednesday” for Wednesday, April 12, 2017.

This is a baby boy quilt I am working on. I currently have it all pieced and began working on the quilting this morning. My sewing machine does not have the ability to freemotion quilt, so my only option is to straight-line quilt, which I think will work well for this one. I am quilting two lines down each “frame” in between the pinwheels. The background fabric on this quilt is so beautiful and on sale at my local JoAnn’s store. It is the Keepsake Calico Cotton by Culberson Curacao (and still listed on JoAnn.com at $4.99/yd.) The green and blue colors blend super well with the blues and greens I used on the front. I also purchased a blue jellyroll to use for the binding, but more on that next week!

The next project I am working on is a larger patchwork quilt. I used a fabric bundle with reds and florals, about 10 white (with designs) fabric quarters, and one fat quarter floral. I have the entire front finished and plan to attach an all black backing with a teal binding.


I recently watched the Disappearing Hourglass Tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company and decided to take a stab at it. So far I have four of the squares for that one completed. I am adoring this design and think this is going to make a beautiful quilt. It is a somewhat tricky block to make, but so worth it!

And to wrap up this week’s WOIW here are three pillows I have finished. These are just sewn together and not quilted, though I do have one other pillow cover in this same nine-patch pattern that I am considering quilting to give it a “fuller” look. I finished the two larger ones on the ends with the green backs first, as evidenced by my trouble in getting the opening to not pucker and reveal the pillow underneath. The blue one that I finished next still has a little bit of pillow showing in the gap, but not nearly as bad as my first two tries.

So, that’s what I am currently working on this week. Check back next Wednesday to see my progress and any new projects I may be working on.


Completed Butterfly Quilt

I just finished my third ever full-size quilt! I am scropped-20170329_090521.jpgo ridiculously proud of myself! Sure, there are a few uh-oh’s on this quilt, but finished is better than perfect and I think that for only my third ever (and my second solo) quilt, I did a pretty darn good job.

My mother-in-law is a wonderful lady who loves butterflies (and she raises monarchs from cocoon to butterfly and releases them each spring, how cool is that?!) so when I saw this amazing tutorial from Jenny at the Missouri Star Quilt Company, I knew I needed to make this quilt for her. So, just in time for the hot heat of spring and summer, I finished her warm quilt… Well, at least the colors are spring-like! She called me earlier today and loved and appreciated it very much, which is why I made it for her in the first place!

20170329_090446  20170329_090701                                            20170329_090713